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[Q] Alcatel OT-991 Root how to?

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New member
Nov 18, 2010
Alcatel OT991 problem

I have a problem with Alcatel OT991. When I turn it on immediately enters in 'recovery mode' '. Sometimes they include normal, but very rarely. Is there a solution?

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    [HOW TO] Install CWM Recovery

    Thank you for the APK :)
    For anyone who want the CWM Recovery please follow my tutorial:

    How to install the CWM Recovery Menu

    1) Get the Files

    - Mobileuncle Tools (attached)
    - recovery.img (attached)

    2) Install Mobileuncle Tools

    Download the two files and make sure you put them to the root dir of your sd card.
    Install the Mobileuncle Tools (m44tools.apk) and open the App.
    You should now see this:


    3) Flash Recovery
    Click 'Get started' and a dialog in chinese appears. I clicked OK and updated, then you should see this screen:


    Click 'Flash Recovery from SDCard' and follow the instructions.
    Mobileuncle Tools will automatically reboot your phone into the Recovery Menu.

    4) Boot into Recovery Mode
    Press the following buttons while booting:
    Power + Volume Up + Home
    To navigate press the volume up or volume down and press the power button to select.

    that's it :D

    I spend some time to write the tutorial, please hit the thanks button.
    If you have Questions or Problems i can help :)
    Sry for my bad englisch :)

    HOW TO ROOT 991D:

    I Made a zip file containing the new-boot.img and scatter file for the SP flash tool:

    To make sure ur using the right scatter file u can use the atached tool to generate one for your phone.

    Flash the new-boot.img in the zip as BOOTIMG

    Explained here:

    make sure to flash the BOOTIMG NOT recovery as shown.

    After u successfully flashed u can boot the phone and run SuperOneClick to root the phone.......
    U can get SOC here: http://shortfuse.org/?page_id=2

    New rom ... finally...

    Link in signature.

    I recently created a beta, but i have problems with the installer..
    Because i don't want to brick some devices like recent rom :D
    Will create a own thread later :)

    Some infos:
    - Trying to include Updating over the air :)
    - Statusbar & notification pulldown is now 99,999999% 4.1 Jelly Bean like, no difference, just no swipe to remove :/
    - OWN Voice Assistant
    - Recreated Android 4.2 Camera 95%
    - Included 4.1 Calculator, Speech Recorder

    I'm recreating every app myself, so i don't use Google Code or just Mod the images! They're created with eclipse like other Apps! I don't include apps from other developers like other roms, anything is my own work! Sorry for the long waiting, i'm currently working on a special feature :)

    Edit: Ahh by the way:
    - Replaced 2nd Bootlogo (the logo which comes after the android logo and haven't an animation)
    - AlcaBean Wallpapers (designed by me)
    - Jelly Bean Icons
    - Beats audio, Sony xLoad Engine & Sony Bravia Engine
    - DSP Manager

    Sorry for bad english.

    I GOT A ROOTED 991D!! yeaah i cant believe it myself i got it to work.

    i just have to check some stuff of whats needs to be done to root. If i got it figured it out ill upload a small howto here :cool::laugh: