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[Q] Android device as BT audio receiver/player

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New member
Nov 28, 2010
Bluetooth audio is becoming a more prevalent option with television now. More TVs have Bluetooth capabilities and more soundbar and other audio have Bluetooth reception to allow them to play audio from cellphones and other devices.

I would like to have audio from my Google TV broadcast by Bluetooth for wireless listening. My TV does not have BT, but I have found a TOSLINK to BT device which is even powered by the USB port on the TV. The TOSBlue II can be found at telme2.com. So the audio broadcasting component of the problem is essentially solved.

The problem that remains is on the revieving end. Rather than spend $$$ on a nice set of BT headphones and have them occupying space and worring about them being charged, I would like to use my android phone which already has some fairly sophisticated audio capabilities and is always with me and charged. Even with earbuds it would allow the mobility of wireless headphones. I currently have the Galaxy Note II with Jelly Bean, but think this should be doable with any fairly current android device, even a tablet or other non-phone.

So far, I have not been able to find a solution for the phone which will play BT audio broadcast from another source. An acceptable solution would accomplish this for my phone, and Android Tablet, or an iPod Touch 3g (which I also have).

Has anyone ever accomplished this? Does anyone know of an app or mod that allows this?

Thanks for any help.