[Q] Any mods/roms for the X10, CyanogenMod or others?

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Jan 4, 2010
Hey guys,

after some searching I still don't have a clear answer, so maybe you can help me.

Just one question: Are there any custom roms for the X10, maybe CyanogenMod? Just all except the standard default X10.

and Please give me (if not included) a way to flash my rom/X10.

Thanks in advance!


New member
Sep 30, 2010
there are no custom roms for the x10 has Sony have got everyone by the balls and blocked developers being able to develop for it. I only signed up here on the weekend and this is only what i have pciked up from reading other threads so it may not be 100% but no one seems sure if there are any developers still trying to crack the x10 as they could just develop for another android phone without having to crack it first.

The only customisation you can do is changing your launch bar, themes, icons and fonts and adding certain widgets. Having a rooted X10 will allow you to install certain apps which wont work on non rooted phones.
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