[Q] Anyone got AT&T HTC One Mini OTA Update 4.13.502.3?

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    Just got on with support and I think the guy checked it out. Here is his response:

    AgentMichael P.
    In this case, I'd like to thank you for report this situation, in this case, I'm going to escalate this situation and you'll be contact in a few days to correct this situation.Ok ?

    AgentMichael P.
    In this case, I already set up the information, Let us work on this situation and we are going to solve it as soon as possible, As I told you you'll be contact, OK?

    Edit-Still not fixed and no follow-up email from HTC

    Update - Looks like it's up to a 200mb file. Maybe they'll have the whole thing uploaded by Christmas!
    HTC uploaded a new version of RUU yesterday. Now it's 200 MB instead of 56 MB then was before. But, still it's not working. ARE they nuts?
    it's Ok for now - 1*208*658*810 bytes
    Looks like I had a bad download, I redownloaded it with IE and all is good now.