[Q]Anyone have lines going down the screen? i9500

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Aug 10, 2008
Hey All,

So I have been experiencing a odd issue with my S4 i9500 and I have no idea what it could mean except for maybe a hardware replacement <_<. Attached is a image I took when I powered down the phone and tried to enter the latest Philz Touch Recovery and the only way out of it is to pull the battery and put it back in again and all works fine. I have had this happen to me before but thought nothing of it at the time and carried on using the phone, this being the third instance has me worried although the time between instances is few & far between something like a month or two. I do not undervolt or overvolt or underclock or overclock my phone so I don't think I killed the hardware however at times I have noticed the area by the camera module get extremely hot with normal web browsing.

So yeah any ideas? Should I just flash stock, take it to my Samsung Care Center and request a new board and show them the pic as proof?


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