[Q] App Request: Amazon App Suite for Android Widget

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Feb 4, 2010
The HTC Droid DNA [codename "HTC DLX"] is the first device to launch with a widget analogous to the Kindle Fire interface or the Nexus "My Library" widget for Google Play. This is called the Amazon App Suite for Android and more info is available here: http://wireless.amazon.com/HTC-DNA-Android-Verizon-Wireless/dp/B00A4OOPN0#AmazonAppSuite

As you can see from the image here, there is a custom widget that supports "single sign-on" to most Amazon services (strangely Amazon Instant Video is omitted...hmmm!).


Was wondering if anyone with the devices could pull the Amazon apk and post it here. This is not WAREZ as it should be available from the Amazon App Store and perhaps even the Google Play Android Apps in the future.

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