[Q] Best way to get Back to Sense and S-OFF

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Senior Member
Feb 28, 2014
I tried cyanogenmod a long time. Since it was officialy suported by cyanogen, there where more bugs and force closes than on the unofficial. I just tired of those bugs and want to get Sense back. What is the best method to get back to Sense, and update to kitkat and S-OFF my device.
Some info about my device:
Device : M4
Running: 11-201410504-SNAPSHOT-M6-m4
Android Version: 4.4.2
Baseband: 1.22.40e.00.07_10.z10.40.441L
Kernel version:
[email protected] #1
Sun May 4 16:25:22 PDT 2014

And btw, is it possible I could install Franco's kernel somehow because I bought it but it isn't supported.
If you need more info, just ask, I will reply as fast as I can.

Ok, I installed InsertCoin 2.6 just without S-off my device . It didn't install it but it flashed stock rom. So I did S-off with the method for HBOOT 2.21. I updated my firmware using FUU. Did supercid 111111 and flashed HBOOT 2.22. Than I installed insert coin 2.6 and I like it more as stock sense.
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