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[Q] Best way to update HBOOT?

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Sep 4, 2008
I've tried flashing the different versions of the RFG33 update without success.
The problem seems to be that since I have two bad blocks in my boot partition the boot.img doesn't fit.

It seems that the newer HBOOT 0.35.0017 has increased the boot partition size so that might solve my problem.

So my question is what's the best way to update to HBOOT 0.35.0017?

Obviously I want to be able to root and flash custom ROMs, the HBOOT upgrade is just a solution to my bad blocks problem.

From what I've read there seems to be 3 PASSIMG.zip's with the new HBOOT. Vodafone FRF91, KT FRF91 and the WWE FRG33. Which one should I choose?

Is it possible to only flash the new HBOOT? It doesn't seem like it...

Additional info:
CM6 nightly
locked bootloader
clockworkmod recovery


Senior Member
Aug 9, 2009
Use Korean FRF91, since it's rootable easier than FRG33 (Universal Androot works on KT FRF91 but doesn't work on FRG33, and rooting FRG33 is manual and harder).