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[Q] [BOOT] Xperia ZL infinite reboot loop

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Nov 27, 2014
Hey there guys, it's my first time here, so, have a little patience, ok? :)
So, my XPERIA ZL has been giving me a headache in the past two weeks. All of a sudden it rebooted and entered the loop that i'll show in the video. I'm unable to describe it properly as i've never seen anything like it before.
I've tried everythong i know, but the phone has debug off (and the third parties apps too). Here's the list of what i've tried:
- PCcompanion > updated firmware (it means that fastboot mode is ok and, somehow, PC companion can bypass the debug off limitation)
- Flashtools to install stock rom
- ADB (Does not recognize)
- Odin
- Unlock Bootloader
- Root and Kernel from DoomLord

As you can see, none of those actions would work with debug off, and i'm kind of lost now. I'ts full stock.
Can anybody provide some insight?
Thanks in advance!
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