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[Q] Bootloader Re-Lock

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Senior Member
May 6, 2012
Ehm my 1st post here :D

So is it true that you cant Re-Lock the bootloader at the moment in case something goes wrong? If true is someone working on this? Thanks :)


Senior Member
Dec 29, 2010
Seoul, Korea
You can't re-lock it.

Wouldn't hold my breath for a solution. Not sure what you are hoping to achieve by locking it again though. Even if you lock it again you still are not gonna get your warranty back. Asus puts your tablet on a list and removes your warranty coverage as soon as you attempt to unlock it.


Nov 26, 2011
The unlock tool from asus needs an open internet connection, that communicate with ASUS server HQ and puts the tablet on the end of warranty list.

Reactivating, makes useless it because you cannot revert back the status on asus servers.

Probably, if anyone is capable to reverse engineer the way it gets unlocked and puts online a "fake server" that does not allow ASUS inc to receive the update, then it is possible to do the reverse thing.

At the moment it is not possible, so if you unlocked your device, then you're out of warranty.