[Q] bricked my galaxy s i9003

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Apr 21, 2012
I'm sorry buy i don't know. They are usualy in england i think. You can send them your device. Try to google for jtag repair.

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you can buy or make a small device that makes your phone go to download mode without touching anything on your mobile... you can find it on ebay or check on youtube how to fix one...USB JIG Method is called... look it up if you don't have a warranty it will save you a lot of money
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Oct 6, 2010
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is usb jig working

It depends on what kind of brick you have. A hard brick (like a wiped bootloader or you flashed a rom not specific for your device) can only be saved by jtag. If it is a soft brick, i.e bootloop where your phone still lights up but just can't get to download mode etc then a jig will be fine. Tell us, did you flash an i9000 rom or firmware to your i9003?

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Mar 25, 2012
Los Banos,
re bricked my phone

i suggest you give us details on what exactly happened to your phone so that xda community could help and understand what exactly is going on...

they pretty much explain everything regarding a hard brick or a soft brick phone. so first we need to identify which category u fall under.so tell us what happened why did you bricked ur phone instead of asking where in mumbai...because whats happening is u keep on asking question but your not actually giving any details/information.

personally i dont know where u should go i dont live there. but i/we can give u tips if u tell us what happend first:):)

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    I have installed Android SDK Tool but can't creat partition on sd card according to your post. If you know a good tutorial or help pls link me


    you must do it right mate.. install android sdk with all its component correctly.. you can search in youtube.. there are several good tutorial in how to do it... ;)

    after that, open command prompt and run android sdk..
    example :
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>

    then run adb shell
    example :
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools> adb shell (hit enter)

    then enter parted mode by typing :
    parted /dev/block/mmcblk0 (hit enter)

    now in #parted mode, type: print (hit enter)
    this is to view any available partitions..

    assume if u dont have any partition on your external SD, type:
    mkpartfs (hit enter - this is used to create a partition with file system, ie: fat32 / ext2 )
    mkpart (hit enter - this is used to create a partition without file system)

    p/s : create all partition as guide by ahmedjust in his thread..

    and if you already had a partition on your external SD, delete all existing partition and create a new one as posted by ahmedjust..
    type: rm 1 (1 stand for the location of your existing partition.. depends on how many existing partition you already had on your external SD)
    after complete removal of existing partition, create a new one using above command..

    and the following steps is like my previous post...

    hope this help.. :)
    Hi guys..

    I have the same problem too... My I9003 are bricked..!! Below are all the steps and methods of what i can think of to do to revive my device but still restarting at Samsung Logo...

    1) Flashed with XXKPE including latona.pit file.. (Failed.. Still rebooting)
    2) Flashed with XXKPE and then flashed with XXKPQ.. (Failed.. Still rebooting)
    3) Flashed with XXKPE and then Flashed with XXKPQ and Flashed with UC V13 KPQ Kernel... (Failed... Still rebooting)
    4) Flashed with XXKPE including latona.pit and then flashed with DDKP3... (Failed... Still rebooting)
    5) Flashed with XXKPE and then flashed with DDKP3 and flashed with Titanium Kernel #4 KP3... (Failed... Still rebooting)

    No matter what I did, it still wont enter the Home Screen... Stuck at Samsung Logo and keep on rebooting on and on again.. Error to mount SD keep on appear.. (picture below)..

    It's start to happened while I'm using the Titanium ROM v3.2 Final + Titanium Kernel #4.. Now my I9003 are stuck at the sammy logo and wont stop rebooting...

    PLease... somebody help... any other way/method to revive my I9003..??

    p/s : in recovery mode, no files detected.. although there is a .zip of rom files in the SD.. and SD are fine if attached to pc.. detected and well readable...


    From ur screenshot I can easily tell u that u are not flashing any kernel. You are directly using samsung default recovery mode which is not usable. Anyway do this step by step

    1. First flash xxkpe rom. When phone will start then switch off phone & go to download mode.

    2. Then flash xda_bam v13 universal kernel (most imp step)

    3. Then phone will start. Again switch off phone.

    4. Go to download mode. Then flash ddkp3 rom. Ur phone will successfully start :)

    4. Now if u want to flash titanium rom based on ddkp3 then go to recovery mode & flash it as per procedure in titanium rom thread.
    sorry to inform you I'm working on iphone for 6 years and windows mobile since 2002 but I don't have more knowledge about Andriod phones. But I hope after few cases i'll be able to work on it fluently.

    thanks & regards

    don't worry mate.. you'll get the trick soon... keep on reading, asking and most important of all...do it...!

    were can i get my galaxy s bricked mobile repair in mumbai.

    pls tell me shop and address.

    pls pls pls help me i am in trouble .

    What did you do?? Can you force download mode!??

    No need to say it just press that thanks!!

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    no i cant go in download and recovery mode..

    why flashing it happen.
    were can i get it repair in mumbai.

    Try removing battery then after 5 mins put it back then enter download mode, reflash. Or you can press the button at the back of the phone bet camera and volume then enter download mode simultaneously
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