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[Q] Can anyone modify the Samsung Remote app so it fills the screen?

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Senior Member
Nov 19, 2009
Long Island, NY
It won't let you download the app from the market to the Galaxy Nexus, but you can use another device to grab it and it installs fine on the Galaxy Nexus. The only problem is that it is like half the size of the screen, and is centered in the middle.

Is there some easy way to just stretch it to fit the Galaxy Nexus screen? (I mean for someone who mods .apks?

I'm just mainly curious if it could be done. I suppose I can use my Nexus S to try it on my new TV that is coming next week.


Senior Member
Sep 2, 2009
OnePlus 7T Pro
Tried SamyGo a few weeks ago, and it didn't work for me. Installed it today and it works like a charm. Strange, looks like SamyGo was updated since my last try.

P.S.: My TV is a Samsung UE40D5000

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New member
Oct 12, 2010
@peadrog found something that works fine for me, unfortunately the density does not match the GNx so its kinda small....

maybe one of you guys can fix that?


  • com.samsung.smartview.apk
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