[Q]Can't log in to XDA via XDA app!


May 6, 2011

I just bought my new D2G via eBay
(I'm using it in Korea with SKT(Korean wireless network company) network by the way)

and I just downloaded XDA app for Android but I couldn't log in(even with PC mode).
so I thought maybe I got my password wrong,
but I managed to log in just fine with my laptop.

anybody having similar problem?
plz help....

+ some minor questions

My D2G seems to be getting low signal (sometimes NO SIGNAL even...but only when I'm indoors)
is it because...
a) I'm using the phone in different country using other network than VZW
b) My phone's defected
c) Most D2G DOES(lol) that

I searched around the forum to find out that the answer's most likely to be "c"
is there any way to solve this problem?
I think my phone generating so much heat has something to do with this problem, cuz I heard that when phone gets low signal, it struggles to get a better signal resulting in battery drainage and heat generation.