[Q] Can't sync with HTC Sync

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Senior Member
Dec 29, 2010
Following installation of CyanogenMod 7.1.0 RC1

Original vodafone rom of 1.6 allowed HTC Sync, removed HTC sync from device and its automatically reinstalled it when using the usb connection cable.

However i only get a usb storage mode, not a 'HTC Sync'

Any ideas probably something really stupid (had the phone for 24 hours so be gentle)



Mar 14, 2011
HTC Sync is a HTC Program that will only work with the stock ROM, because once flashed, your device won't have any HTC software. It's like if you wanted to use HTC sync with a non-HTC android phone


New member
Apr 24, 2011
I'm having the same problem with Htc sync . I have called HTC about the problem we done everything we could do the error said could not find HTC Sync on computer , I'm running windows vista . Micorsoft sync can't find the phone at all . Any help !


New member
Apr 24, 2011
HTC Sync

I gave the my phone explor thing a go that didn't find the phone . How ever the other problem is about the rom . This is something that could maybe the problem when the update or a update that came over the air in the passed month .
The other day , I was on the phone with , HTC for over 1 hour . The support staff couldn't even get there sync program to work and this is after a factory reset . And downloading other sync software and those failed .
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