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[Q] Changed to Retail Rom - No 3G select?

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Arthur Hucksake

Senior Member
Mar 8, 2010
Hi folks,

Recently flashed my Omnia 7 to the generic retail UK rom to get rid of the T-Mobile splash screen and search.

Trouble is, I have lost the 3G toggle option.

I have the option to toggle 3G data, but not the cell.

Any ideas? Is the T-Mo UK rom the only one that can switch between 2G and 3G?


Senior Member
Jan 7, 2011
Think I was too late to the party for the Chevron stuff, I assume that's what you mean.

I don't think it's possible without homebrew unfortunately. It's controlled by a registry setting, which there is no way to modify without a homebrew program of some sort.

Edit - If you don't mind having to use an ugly GUI then you could try this to toggle 2g/3g (doesn't require DEV unlock):
Go into diagnosis (##634#)
Enter code *#2263#
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