[Q] Changing the default voicemail number to my Google Voice number

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Sep 20, 2009
I have successfully setup my Google Voice on my new LG E980 and the voicemail features all seem to work. But the Voicemail button and slot 1 speeddial still dials the AT&T number.

I have entered in the correct **004* code in the phone with my voicemail number and when I go to the voicemail settings, it says that I am currently using Google voice and in the setup menu it shows my GV number. When I select the number, it doesn't take me to the dialog to change it though, it just flashes "Accessesing voicemail settings" and then takes me back to the main voicemail settings screen. It does show my correct GV number though as my VM number.

I have done a complete reset on the voicemail back to att and disabled my GV account, re-added the number and phone, entered in the code as given by google. Didn't work. Then entered the code with my GV number, and it still doesn't work.

Is there anyway to change the default VM number in the phone? I think its odd that the settings shows my GV number, but the speeddial and dedicated VM button still call my AT&T number.

*The phone is not rooted or modified from stock in any way.
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Jan 19, 2010
Little Rock
Yes. It's broken in stock. But it's fixable.

Open phone
Tap menu key
Call Settings
Additional Settings (at the bottom)
Call Forwarding
Change all the numbers to your Google voice number in full format. e.g. +1 555 555 5555

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Sry I may have misunderstood. Voicemail is a speed dial. Just change it over to your gv number.

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