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[Q] Connection or Bootloader Problem?

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New member
Feb 27, 2013
So my phone has unlocked bootloader, I haven't unlocked it myself, it was when I bought it. How do I know?-when I go to bootloader it says "PhoneUNLOCKED" and "connect your device via usb" or similar.
I have enabled USB debugging, connected the phone to my computer, installed drivers and everything. I open adb, check if my phone is connected, it says yes, and then reboot my phone in bootloader it still says both "phoneUNLOCKED" and "connect your device via usb". So then I typed devices in adb and it says there are none connected. Wth? I was actually trying to flash twrp img but since there's something wrong with bootloader or connection, I can't. So can anybody help? Is this a connection problem?