[Q] Convert stock GSM into Developer Edition, best process?

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Aug 10, 2008
Morning All,

So now that my 1 year warranty is up I have S-OFF'ed my M8 and I would like to now convert the device into the developer edition of the M8. The question is what's the simplest way to go about doing this? After some Googling, I found this Conert One M8 to Developer Edition if I am on Lollipop does that make a difference to the guide? Also, if I change just the CID and boot into the ROM what would happen? Would I get an OTA or would it soft brick? Also, there is a USA Developer Edition which that URL is using, is there a European Developer Edition?

I am just looking for the simplest method to get to Dev Edition and leave it at that, majority of the guides I read all were made with KK in mind and I don't know if LP will make a difference.