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[Q] Defective AMOLED Black Spots; How many is too many?

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Senior Member
Nov 25, 2010
St. Louis
After receiving my SGS3, I was extremely satisfied with the overall look and feel of the device. One of the main selling points (for me at least) was the deep-black color that a Super AMOLED screen had to offer. In the process of rooting the phone, I discovered several of the infamous black spots on my screen, against the dark black Downloader screen. I estimate I have about 10-15 of these, each of which are about 2x2 pixels in size, with the exception of one pattern that looks like this. ---> -__- (not kidding, lol) I've been on the fence about trying to get a replacement. So my question to you all is; How many black spots is too many? Or do they even bother you enough to do anything about them?


Senior Member
May 7, 2006
Xiaomi Mi 9
lots is usual

hi. i discovered something like 10 black spots on my s3 in total dark environment with dead pixel testing software while screen was total black. that's the only case you can see them. i checked my wife's s3 right after and had also black spots under same conditions.
the day after i checked my brother's s3 - same.
all of them have a few - i doubt if there is any display without. but why bother? do you ever have blank screen in black room? i found out with dead pixel testing, but i can’t trace them in any other case. Enjoy your phone and omit the insignificant - invincible - dots/patterns. i got over it after reading that is common and seeing the other two s3s. seeing your question i smiled understanding your worries of defective product :) it's common so omit it.


Senior Member
Jun 26, 2012
It seems to be a fact of life with current amoled screens, and is really not noticeable unless you are looking for it. If you're really concerned you're probably better off with slcd like the one x or evo lte.

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Senior Member
Nov 20, 2007
I would give returning it a shot if it annoys you, unfortunately the phone is in such high demand and short supply you may have to wait a little. I had the same issue with my Samsung laptop. I called customer service and they told me to return it to the store I bought it for an exchange. I did and they exchanged it for one that looks great.