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[Q] Does anyone know the right term?

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Apr 26, 2013
Lets say you have a postion to X issue. It does not matter what. This is just the scenario.

The person Z comes and says: " Oh well, its morally wrong to do X"
Of course, in the room there are 20 or so people, so you dont want to sound extreme or "incorrect" because they are important to you.

Now the problem here is that if you support X, you may end up sounding too "Arrogant".
If you support person Z, you are admitting to have been wrong or immoral for having hold such a stance before.

Is there a term to this type of situation? I tried Moral Slippery Slope, Morality Slipery Slope, Moral Trap and so on on Google/Bing/Etc, nothing found.

This scenario is from a real life situation I had a short while back. Of course I could go full head on and crush my oppostion for using a fallacy against me but since the debate is recorded, I dont want to risk it.

Now If anyone can find the right term, I would be happy. PM me if you dont want to.
Its not that their opinion matters, its that the debate is recorded that matters to me.

Now the debate is solved, I used a different way to exit the debate but for the sake of knowledge, I would like to know what the right term is.

Suffice to say "Morality Trap" is used by politicians a lot.

Whats the term when you are in a moral deadlock. Cant support your position because of correctness and have to counter the "argument" of the opposition.
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May 14, 2014
What you are describing sounds much like a Moral Paradox " A situation in which moral imperatives clash without clear resolution."
Might even be Morton's fork: Choosing between unpalatable alternatives.

Here is a list of paradoxes wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_paradoxes
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