[Q] Error Code 720 when trying to take Diamond back to stock.

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Aug 10, 2008
Morning All,

So as you can see in my sig I have upgraded to the HTC Desire :D.

Now I want to downgrade my Diamond back to stock so that I can sell her however I have run into a huge problem. I found these instructions:


And followed it completly, I went and got the ROM from HTC's site and when I went to flash the ROM it got to 100% only to tell me that the image file is corrupt please check the RUU Error code 720. I have tried two ROMS the one from HTC: RUU_Diamond_HTC_WWE-AFK_2.03.421.2_Radio_Signed_Diamond_52.51.25.26_1.09.25.23_Ship And another one: _RUU_Diamond_HTC_WWE_2.03.405.2_Radio_Signed_Diamond_52.51.25.26_1.09.25.23_Ship however I think both are the same... :(. I downloaded that ROM from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=471699

So the question is how do I downgrade? I have since put back the Custom Memo ROM I was using.

Radio: 1.17
HardSPL: 1.93

I should mention that the phone was bought last year and came with a SPL higher than 1.93 think it was 2.03, I did downgrade to 1.93. Could this be causing the problem? When I did some Googling I found this: http://forums.techarena.in/portable-devices/1163528.htm

Upgrade error number 270 means that the bootloader is not correct for the rom you are trying to flash

So how do I find the ROM with the matching bootloader?

Any help is greatly appreciated :).


Oct 2, 2007
Johannesburg, South Africa
Ok, so I found a quick easy workaround.

Install your stock ROM till completion. It goves you the error, then download this update.... PM or msn me for the link, theres some block for me posting links

run that (takes about 2 min), phone reboots, stock rom is in use. HardSPL is however still intact. Haven't figured how to remove that yet.

Cheers. Drop me a line on msn sometime R...