[Q] fastboot in recovery??

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Mar 15, 2011
Lynn, Mass
hey guys... not that its anything threatening... as far as i know, but earlier i was testing some roms and i had to remove and mtd partition(not sure if this is related to issue) so i flashed fr-remove, than did superwipe and powered off device... my battery was getting low last time i seen it so i figured i connect usb and let it charge a little before rebooting to flash rom.. so after a while of charging i reboot the device into recovery (forgetting to disconnect usb) holding home+power, as the normal G1 screen booted up it also had a 'FASTBOOT USB' in red lettering on top left corner of screen..
it never went any further.. just stayed at G1 screen and had fastboot usb on the top corner.. so i pulled the battery disconnected the usb than rebooted to recovery and flashed rom..

everything is ok so far im not sure if it affected anything... but i figured i would mention it on here and maybe someone knows what happened or at least why... and possibly could tell me if something bad is going to happen later on down the road lol


Mar 3, 2009
I have had that a few times when i erroed a flash or forgot to flash something proply or at all lol... mine seems to be going fine still, so i wouldnt worry about it. (unless someone esle says its a big ehem fkup.. lol)