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[Q} Few Questions with Rooted Sero 7 Pro

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May 25, 2009
Hey hey!

First, Thanks to xboxexpert for the amazing work for this thing. I bought the Sero 7 Pro blindly because it was cheap, searched from my phone before leaving the parking lot and found the rooting thread, AWESOME! Also, the HDMI throwing, awesome as well. :good:

Anyway, I've rooted this thing perfectly. Installed the CWM, then this:

[ROM] XE-SeroROM v².¹ 213 DPI [Slightly Stripped] P756. ... LOVE IT
(Did not install any custom Battery Mod)

Anyway, I seemed to have messed up something(very little and if I get no answers I would understand).

Somehow there is still a screenshot button, I liked it before when I installed the other one(v1 no wipe version) and it was gone, bo big deal, if anyone knows why its there now(says it should be gone?) let me know please :) ... If not, not a big deal. EDIT: forgot to mention it seems to be stuck on the "video" but the video that is playing is the one that is for like display models IN the store.... Quite annoying haha.

OK I also managed to somehow turn the "Daydream" thing on, but its stuck on "video" and won't let me change it off of there(I can DISABLE daydream, but once I enable it, stuck on video no matter how much I change it). I seem to remember me checking a box that told it to do this, but I can;t for the life of me remember where....Silly me :\

One more thing :) :) --

It seems a lot of the options in the "Tweakbox" that came loaded with the SeroROM v2 do not want to work? I do not know if this is because they are not compatible with this tablet or if I just seemed to mess something up, or just am doing something wrong.

Any/all help if greatly appreciated. None of these are huge issues and I might be able to figure it all out. I did try reading through about 1/2 the pages in the Sero 7 pro thread, but it seems that these questions have not been asked in there, at least not to my knowledge. THANKS AGAIN!! :)
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Dec 15, 2010
Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7
re the screenshot button: it's a 2 (or 3) step process:
1. Flash the new ROM
2. Flash the tablet UI (that's the part that nukes the screen shot), and
3. Flash a battery display circle mod (optional).

re the Tweakbox. You have to activate the Xposed installer in order to activate Tweakbox -- including making sure that the Tweakbox module is checked and then rebooting. That said, I haven't found anything in Tweakbox that really floats my boat).

Re both of the above, check Post 3 in xboxexpert's thread carefully (there's a lot in there!)

re Daydream or the video, I can't help. Daydream works fine on mine (although I keep it turned off in the interest of faster charging).