[Q] firetv stick navigation on showbox, xfinity go app

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Jun 20, 2012
Get a bluetooth mini keyboard with touch pad mouse. Works good for me using the showbox app on my AFS.

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Sep 10, 2015
I have a logitech diNovo mini and I can't get the bluetooth to connect to my firestick - can anyone help? Can't use showbox and wanted to try and use this to be able to navigate and select movies! Or even use my logitech bluetooth mouse from my computer! Thanks in advance!
Amazon fire TV fix for sideloaded apps solution mouse toggle

Hey I just sideloaded showbox and xfinity. I can't navigate with the remote or the phone appapanyone find a solution for this on the firetv stick? Thanks
There is a need of an application side loaded and you get it from the play store.... Mouse togglehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fluxii.android.mousetoggleforfiretv

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Hey I just sideloaded showbox and xfinity. I can't navigate with the remote or the phone appapanyone find a solution for this on the firetv stick? Thanks
Simply use application side loaded and you get it from the play store.... Mouse togglehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fluxii.android.mousetoggleforfiretv
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Dec 12, 2019
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This is quite simple. You only need a bluetooth mouse to use it. But the important thing is that the application you downloaded has been updated to the latest? The latest version has this support. You download showbox on " techuptip.com " they usually update to the latest and very safe version there

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    Awesome... Will wait for your gaming feedback... I went ahead & put a few on hold for 48 hours... Since most stores in my area only have 1 in store. Thanks to their Holidays Return Policy we got until Jan. 15 to return. If anything is defective or one does not like it. But wonder what will they do since they not longer will carry them. Hopefully Refund. But I hope they are good enough... Should be great to get 3 of the Nyko's for the price of one of the Amazon controllers.. And that is with extra features.

    I myself will be trading in a bunch of games I've put off trading in. So I should be able to get 3-4 for just the trade-in credits.

    Please upload here the exact Settings.apk that worked for you. Want to start from the exact same page.. Also would like to know if you are rooted & on what Stock or PreRooted FW you are at.. Also did you do anything to the remote controls FW ?? TY

    Alright, as far as I can tell, it is impossible to root the fire tv stick as of yet. Hopefully someone comes up with a way. I'll just drop some instructions from the beginning and add a few resources for people starting fresh. I uploaded the settings.apk I used, so be sure to grab that from this post. Before I get too far into this, everything I have done is with a stock Fire TV stick and Nyko gamepad controller straight out of the box, and anything done to the fire stick is listed below.

    On the fire tv stick, make sure under settings that the adb debugging and allowing outside apps are enabled. As for getting the settings.apk to the stick itself, just follow the instructions found here: sideloadfiretv.com/sideload-apps-amazon-fire-tv-windows/

    (Being a new user, I cannot link that, so I apologize for the inconvenience)

    Once that is loaded, go to Settings>Applications>Manage Installed Applications. Find the settings app, launch it, and go to the bluetooth menu option. Click it, and up at the top right hand corner, you will see an option that will allow you to search for bluetooth devices. Make sure that the nyko remote is charged, turned on, and set in the gamepad function before clicking that option. Once you have the gamepad set up, click the option to search for bluetooth devices, it may take a minute. Once it picks it up, enable it in the menu, and you should be good to go.

    I did not change any functions on the controller itself. This is the stock Nyko gamepad controller straight out of the box. You will be able to switch it back and forth between the controller and mouse functions, and both work. The only thing I have found is that when entering user names and passwords on apps, keep the stick remote next to you, as it is generally easier to use that to enter the names/passwords/etc. I have successfully navigated and watched stuff from the DirecTv, Funimation (though this app is still a little funky to navigate, it works), and Xfinity sideloaded apps.

    As far as games, my kids are playing Sonic 2 with the controller currently, and there are no issues with it. It works great. Just remember to turn it on and off when using it and not using it, since it has a chargeable battery.

    Sorry Y314K, I am sure that this is far more more information that you originally wanted/needed, but I figured I better start from the beginning, so newbies reading this will have all the tools they need to make it work.

    Hope this helps!
    This app works great for Showbox, Popcorntime, browsers, it has mouse mode. Only thing missing is qwerty keyboard, but I just switch over to fire remote app when that is needed.

    So this works for you on your FireTV Stick... Which Settings.apk did you install & what FW do you have on the remote. Did you convert it to a Nyko PlayPad Pro for the FireTV ?? And what you say is working is the Nyko's PlayPad Pro's Mouse mode on Xfinity right ??? Please give as much info as possible.. Very interested on the Nyko PlayPad for the FireTV Stick as a BT mouse option...

    After seeing this thread, I found one in my area on sale for about 12 bucks. After it charges, I will try it out on the fire stick, and come back and report. The controller has a built in mouse function that you activate with the flip of a switch. So, if the fire tv stick can pick up the controller on bluetooth, then in theory it might work. I'll be back later with findings.
    Thanks.. I am very interested on this. Did you pick it up @ GameStop ?? Some one over at AFTVNews.com reported it had not worked for them But not sure if they installed the Settings.apk first or not. So right now it seems one said no and one said yes. Guess you should be the deciding vote... :good:

    Yes, a Gamestop up the road from me had two left. I have the setting.apk succesfully installed as well, so as soon as the thing charges up, I will give it a go. And if it does not work...oh well, just 12 bucks. I will say that I have read reports of a few wireless bluetooth mouses working with the setting.apk as well. Sadly, I do not know the brands, and I have tried a few mouse apps on my android phone via bluetooth, but since they are asking for a pin, it does not seem to work. Any bluetooth device that asks for a pin it seems, is destined to fail.
    Yeah... It's hit and miss.. Make sure you do charge it at least 2-3 hours.. I think 2 hours is the recommended time.. Guess you can test it out with stock FW on the remote. But there is a way to convert all Nyko remotes to the FireTV FW. Called to put a couple aside. Just in case they work..

    Also please let us know how the controller feels for playing games. I know it won't be as good as any console controllers but for $13 as long as they don't break down to quickly they should be fine..

    The Nyko gamepad mouse function works on the Fire TV stick. Do not try and connect the controller through the Fire TV stick settings, do it through the setting menu from the setting.apk. Make sure the controller is on (had it set to gamepad mode), then click the option that allows you to search for bluetooth compatible devices under bluetooth settings. It should pick it up pretty easily. Once it is selected and setup, change the gamepad to mouse mode, and then you can use the apps that require the touch/mouse function. Right now, I am running a sideloaded directtv app.

    After I load a game, I'll come back with more intel, but the Nyko gamepad works like a charm so far.