[Q] G1 Past, Present & Future

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Mar 15, 2011
Lynn, Mass
Ok this is an old post but im using it for a new question since there was only 1 reply lol

tequnically this is a question so i feel it can stay in the Q&A lol but im one of the few un-lucky people who didn't know about XDA when i first got my G1, i was a little slow when this all first started and i finally joined earlier this year..

So my question is...

Is anyone as sad as i am knowing that the G1 section of xda has died down a whoooooole lot...? lol

this section used to be swarming with advanced and new users for the device and had so much going on, around 2009 this place was just moving so fast you could't keep up with the development lol but now it's just sad... makes me wish i could turn back time and be apart of the G1 movement lol sorry to waste your time if you read this... but i really just wanted express that opinion and see if anyone else has anything to say about there fondest G1 memories :D

thanks for your time, incase you were curious whatt the post used to be i left the 'OP' in quotes down here... lol

Does anybody know how to remove a rom from the rom manager account? when i go to edit, the only option even close is the visibility... but i want to take it off!!! is it possible?

Also i tried to update my developer name and id but it seems to not change on the rom manager app...

Aaaaaand my roms are only listed in premium section lol, how do i maketem free.... they really don't tell you how to do anything on the upload page..
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