[Q] Galaxy Note N7000- unable to make VOIP calls over 3G/H+

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Apr 3, 2012
(I looked up to the previous *similar* threads but did not find any help)

I have Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 international unlocked version which i purchased from amazon 10days back. I have AT&T as its service provider.

I am not able to make any voice/video calls from google/skype over 3G/H+ :confused:

I keep getting error saying: Connect to WiFi to make VOIP calls :confused:

Please help :(:(:(

I called up Samsung Tech Support people and they said that the model is made in hong kong and that I have to reach out to them to get support for N7000.

The representative also said that I cannot make VOIP calls over 3G.. seriously ???!!!??? :mad: I used to make VOIP calls over 3G from Samsung Transform Ultra