[Q] Gingerbread Audio Visualizer Live Wallpaper for 4.1.2

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Oct 3, 2014
Hello, i'm new in XDA... i don't know how to explain this, but, i need some help with something.
Do y'all know the "Stock" android live wallpapers on gingerbread? I mean, that "Audio wallpapers": The spectrum, the waveform and the VU.
I want those wallpapers on Jelly Bean (4.1.2) but i have 2 or 3 issues: I want to install the gingerbread native visuals, but i can't (i think i can't by compatibility issues). I want to install some "updated" version, but only had the Spectrum wallpaper. Plus, those wallpapers on a low resolution screen looks a little bit... weird.

And i wish to get the waveform or the VU Meter *the original ones* on my jelly bean because i love that visuals... I don't know if somebody can help me, but it's appreciated the comments.
*Sorry for my bad english*