[Q] Google Apps Missing After Flashing Galaxy Nexus

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Dec 30, 2011

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and it had some great Google stuff on it (e.g. Market, Maps, YouTube, ...) and it asked me to connect it to a Google account at activation, so everything worked great.

Now, following Google's guide (source[.]android[.]com/source/building-devices.html), I downloaded the Android source, built it and flashed it onto the phone. Everything worked fine, but now it does not have any Google support, I can't even add an account in the settings to sync my contacts, so they are gone, not to mention that I can't simply install apps from the Market.

Is there any possibility to get this support back within this custom Android?
If not, is there any rooted ROM that has this Google support?

I have searched this forum and the web, but all solutions don't apply to my problem.

Thank you in advance!
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    Search for "google apps v7" it's a zip file u can flash in recovery.

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