[Q] Group txt messages with Google Voice - capable yet?

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Aug 17, 2011
Hi Folks,
I heard that Hangouts can handle both group chats and Google Voice, as well as natively working with the Google Voice manner of MMS receipts, but when I tried testing with it, the chats only showed up in the Hangout app on other Android phones, which was foreign to the other phone owners (i.e., their default is the Google Messaging app).

Group chats are increasingly being used by other school parents among my kids' friends, which has been causing all sorts of communications problems because I can only see the original sender of a group chat in the default Google Voice app for txt messages.

Does anyone know if I can use my Google Voice number for sending/receiving group chats that show all participants, and if so, if I can send messages back to the group in a manner that won't trigger their Hangouts app if they don't have that set as default for messages?

- ooofest