[Q] Hardware or software ???

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Jan 16, 2011
I've already received a new phone from my insurance but I am still questioning if I could have saved the hundo.
Situation: Dropped my phone directly on the power button. Put my phone back together, phone rebooted and I'm good to go. Pushed the power button later on that day and nothing. Power button worked sometimes that day and very few the next. I didn't really put to much thought into this at the time being as I have never come across any problems with this phone that I couldn't fix with my PC. ( I'll fix it later kind of thing ). Later came and now my power button doesn't do a thing. My phone does reboot occasionally thanks to one of marcusants older ROM's. Ok, I caught the reboot and set timeout to 10 minutes and touch it or use it often. Sprint store wants to " diagnose " my problem. The fkn power button is broke. I'm a moron, shouldn't have root my phone but I've been getting free Internet at my house ever since I did. I left the sprint store without the complimentary diagnosis so my account doesn't have any red flags. ( what exactly would they do to my account ). Put phone under my truck tire and called Asurion, billed the deductible to my companies plan and that was that.
Left wondering: Could I have fixed the power button easily? Was it even the power button that was broke? Would sprint really look into my phones software, and made problems for me? Is there any way to access my phones recovery or download mode without the power button.