[Q] HD2 internet speed issue

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Feb 19, 2010
Howdy! I have a problem with my HD2 (when running winmo and android).
I recently installed (see signature) and I have really bad internet speed on both 3G and WiFi. Before I made any changes, I had around 10Mbit on wifi and 4-6Mbit on 3g. After the update 3Mbit on wifi, and 3Mbit with 3g.
I have also installed the Android 2.2.

I can not remember what I had on verisioner software before I updated everything. I live in Sweden and here we have not received any new updates since its release. Apart from some minor hotfixes.

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong?

If anyone has tips on Swedish spl and the radio version that should be used in Sweden you are welcome to write this.

Sincerely Patric


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Jun 2, 2010
Try to change your radio .. right now you have:
In most Android buids the say 2.x.50.26.x should work wel

In my previous Android testing i alsways used

If you experiencing a lil less internet speed in Android it could be good to chack what zImages could prefent that.

Wehn experiencing less internet speed in WinMo i have no clue. Tho i experienced a lil the same but that changed when i change my radio version