[Q] HD2 not able to boot up, Show black screen

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New member
Sep 19, 2008
My HD2 is not booting up at all, just vibrate and show a black screen, I tried to load from USB but still the same, More over cannot even update any ROM as it hangs in 0%. I have my data (contacts n stuff) is there a way to remove everything and reinstall from factory ?? Even the factory hardreset didnt help me as i m able to restore by pressing the VOL up n down key + power key but it says 100% restore (which takes 3 - 4 sec.).


Senior Member
Sep 30, 2010
Shannon, Ms.
They seven vibrations is not a good sign. This is thought to be a tell tell sign that the device is having CPU malfunction, a corrupt NAND chip, or some other major hardware malfunction. The Hard reset that you tried is sort of proof too that your issue is a hardware problem cause if your processor or NAND either one are not working correctly it can cause the flashing problem you are having. If you have not tried to flash via SD card then try that. If you get the same results you will have to replace the mainboard or just scrap the HD2. I know that sucks but it is the truth.