[Q] Headphone button doesnt work on Z3C

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Jul 7, 2007
So I am having some problems with headphones and my Z3 Compact.
Some time ago my headphones (NOCS NS500 android version) stopped working. Phone wasn't detecting when they are plugged in. I thought that headphones them self got somehow damaged. But they work fine with my pc and tablet.
Headphones that came with the phone work just fine.
After some google'ing I made my NOCS work again with soundabout, but controls don't work, NOCS app for that doesnt work either.
So the question is - is there a way to fix this? So that my phone sees these headphones as Sony headphones?

P.S. I did go through general part of the Z3C forum and used search didn't find anything helpful ;) So I am sorry if this was already asked and answered.
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