[Q] Help on rooting Archos 97 Platinum HD (not 97b)

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Sep 15, 2012
I got an Archos 97 Platinum HD yesterday, the original not the 97b model. It has android 4.1 and no further updates were issued by Archos (apparently this is quite common for them to turn their backs on customers) and I'm trying to read up as much as I can on rooting and flashing custom roms and recovery on it. But any information appears to be vague or not appropriate at all.

I have downloaded a hybrid Archos 97 Platinum/Onda v972 android 4.2.2 pre rooted rom and I was hoping to flash that on to it. Another owner has recommended I first flash an official Onda v972 image on to it, then root it and install cyanogen but I have no idea which rom to use or what method to use to flash it.

So any help to get this tablet off its buggy 4.1 software and on to a stable version would be greatly appreciated.