[Q] How to add proprietary blobs

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Mar 16, 2010
Can anyone give me any information on how to add proprietary blobs for the first time? (or point me where to look)

The instructions I've found all say to extract them from a CM ROM that already contains them, but how do I add new ones that are only in closed source vendor ROMs at the moment?

If anyone is interested, my question relates to bug - BACON-161 on cyanogenmod JIRA - I'm fairly certain that the bug is in the library system/lib/hw/nfc_nci.pn54x.default.so and is fixed in this (closed source) library in OxygenOS: system/lib/hw/nfc_nci_pn547.msm8974.so.

Unfortunately I didn't get any responses in the OnePlus forums so I thought I'd ask the question again here as it applies to all Android devices.