[Q] How to let QPST recognize M8 for windows?

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Jun 6, 2010
Hi, all expert

I bought the Verizon M8 for windows, I am in China now, due to bands different, M8 only support 3G. But now some guys had change android M8 data to support 4G for China Telecom/Unicom by QPST, so I want to try that and let my M8 for windows support 4G.

So I topic lots of documents... due to M8 is my first WP, not familiar the system, so take amount time...
Now I found QPST 2.7.348 couldn't recognize my M8...
Need your kindly help...

Follow detail step and pic:
1. enable DM mode for M8 by ##634# -> Diag -> enable diag mode
2. link to PC (windows 8.1), and can found 3 port and 1 unavailable port:
3. after open QPST, couldn't recogonize :
4. don't know whether unavailable port is importanct, I need get a driver, after checked, I use follow tools to install winusb driver for the port
5. unfortunately, after install driver, same issue, change older verson for QPST, can found usb/QC diagnostic ports, but display "no phone":

Now I have no any idea. Only want to link M8 by QPST.