[Q] How To Modify default.prop?

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Dec 1, 2011
Hello Everyone,

Thank you in advance for any help on this item.
I have an HTC Sensation phone which is already S-off and has CWM in it.
It also has "su" previleges in it and I was able to modify CID too.
The ROM inside it is stock ROM.

I have been reading and following several guides on how to modify default.prop for other devices. And from what I gather I have to do the following :
1. Unpack boot.img.
2. Modify default.prop.
3. And repack boot.img.

The problem here is that I tried all sorts of things only to end up failing in the "repacking" stage.

I want to modify default.prop to be able to set adb daemon (adbd) to have root previleges and eventually be able to "inject" into HTC sensation my own custom-made versions of framework.jar and other files.

Is modifying default.prop possible?
Is the method I am using correct?
Is it possible to have my own customized framework.jar inside the HTC Sensation?

I hope you guys can point me to some sites and links which can help me in what I intend to do.

Thank you all very much.


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Dec 1, 2011
Hello Sebastian,

Thanks for your response.
I also tried to use the dsixda kitchen.

What I did was :
1. Downloaded a backup of my phone using ClockworkMod Recovery.
2. I took the boot.img file from the backup generated.
3. Unpacked boot.img using the kitchen.
4. And then repacked it using the kitchen again.
5. I then flashed the generated boot.img into the phone.
6. The phone went into a forever loop in the start up screen.

Did I do it right?
I am rechecking the notes on the kitchen again though. I might have missed something.

Thanks again.


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Dec 1, 2011
Hello Again,

Thanks once again for the support Sebastian.

"Upload your boot.img, I'll check it. Do you use fastboot.exe to flash boot?"
I use fastboot.exe first and then try to use the ClockworkMod Recovery Advanced option to update the "boot" only part.

I am attaching here my dsixda-kitchen generated boot.img.
This boot .img was generated with the following steps :
1. Unpack htc stock rom boot.img generated by CWM nandroid backup.
2. No changes were made in the ramdisk nor in the kernel part.
3. Repack the ramdisk and kernel using dsixda kitchen.
4. Used fastboot.exe to flash the boot part. "fastboot flash boot boot.img"
5. Wiped the cache partition of the phone.
6. Wiped the /data/dalvik-cache directory.
7. Restarted phone in normal mode.
8. Phone hanged up in startup image.

Many thanks again and more power.


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