[Q] How to OTA, stock, root + CWM

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Nov 24, 2010
I'm trying to install 4.2.1 just because the update message is getting annoying. I tried flashing the stock recovery and using rootkeeper to back-up root. Once I temp un-root and hit the install for the OTA, it begins to flash it, gets to 30%, then says error. I hold the power button to reset and I get a stock recovery error screen that says "No command." From here, I tried flashing stock system.img. This wouldn't write properly, so I ended up re-flashing CWM and simply rebooting and it boots back up fine.

How do I install this freaking OTA?

Edit: Can anyone find the .zip for it? Sideloading will probably work, I just can't find it.

Edit 2: Sideloading didn't work for my N4 which I have the zip for, it fails when verifying the system (related to build.prop). Not sure if the same will happen with the N10.
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