[Q] How to root Galaxy Ace 4 Neo (SM-G318H) - solved

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Oct 26, 2015
I tried almost every one click application that exist, and all of them are failed... (kingo, etc.)

so, i found a thread here about similar model
In that thread i have a firmware that fit to Galaxy Trend 2 Lite G318H, the model number it is the same as my phone,
but, the build number and the kernel number , and the serial number are different.

so, is that firmware would fit to my phone? it is safe to do it with Odin?
(i am afraid to lose my phone accidentally, or to do something wrong)

my phone details:
Galaxy Ace 4 Neo (SM-G318H)
android 4.4.4
Build: G318HXCU0AOH1
Kernel: 3.10.17-773113
Serial: KTU84P.G318HJPU0AOH2

thank you!

Update: i was succeeded with the new version of Kingo
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