[Q] How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Prevail?

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May 3, 2011
I am a c++ programmer by trade who is just now looking into android phones not only for communication but also for development. I picked up the Samsung Galaxy from Boost Mobile in order to first learn how to root, flash ROMs, and then get into dev.

My first goal is to root the phone so i can use it as a wifi hotspot. I first tried to download quick settings to see if i could get the wifi hopspot that way. I can see the hidden option for wifi hotspot but everytime I press it to turn it on, the phone disables the wifi totally. I then tried z4root, not root. I tried gingerbreak and it did not work. I would try to use superoneclick but cannot find usb drivers that will work with the galaxy prevail while its in usb debugging mode.

Any advice on how to get this phone rooted would great. Can you also list the prevail as one of the device supported on this site to spur development?
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Nov 13, 2014
Root with King root then replace King root with super sume, which will install Chainfire supersu and you will have full root I did this on my prevail it worked great do a full factory reset and do the process above


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Aug 27, 2016
free tethering

If anybody is just looking for tethering I did it without root just by downloading shortcut master lte. Search for the apk and when you find it just add a ,dun at the end and save. Unlimited free tethering without root.

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