[Q] htc first wifi issue

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New member
Apr 21, 2014
HULLO there senior people,first i am new to android world... I have bought a used htc first, which is rooted as per superuser app inside, its also pre unlocked(using local network).running jelly bean the problem is wifi, when i turn off its wifi, i cant be able to on again, it showed on(slider turns blue on) but it shows all networks not in range, its not access point issue(i am pretty familier with networking stuff)...... i have to reset(turn off and on again) my phone to be able to turn on wifi, means before reboot i have to keep it at on position and than reboot than its working again, if i leaves it at off position before reboot its not gonna work like before. thanks in advance, i have bought it in 125 US$.....every thing is perfect except WIFI... :(