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[Q] HTC Touch 3G Problem - Phone Auto-Hard resets

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New member
Aug 5, 2010
I have a HTC Touch 3G phone bought from eBay. But it was only later that I realized that it's an OEM phone and not the one manufactured by HTC. The specs are :
CPU - Marvell PXA200
ROM - 256MB
RAM - 128MB
OS- Win6.5 professional
It was working fine for 6 months. However, since last month I started facing problems with the phone. The phone suddenly shows disconnected while it is connected to the computer and is in synchronized status. When I unplug and replug the USB, it can't get connected although I can see the Connected icon on the phone. All the other functions work normally except that it wouldn't connect to the computer. I tried with both Normal and Advanced USB Network functionality but the problem persists with both. Since it wouldn't connect, I have to either switch the phone off and switch on or do a soft reset or remove the battery and put it back again and switch on. When I do that, the phone switches to Factory Default settings automatically and all my settings/data is lost.
Can somebody help me to identify what the problem is? Is the OS corrupted? How can I install a new OS?