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[Q] ipv4 vs ipv6 preference

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New member
Jul 4, 2012
I have a Tunnelbroker 4to6 static tunnel connection to my router. My router feeds dual stack ip-addresses to all wifi clients. As it is 2012 all platforms (windows 7, linux and android) prefers ipv6 over ipv4 making sites with only ipv4 load balancers like youtube run considerably slower. However I have successfully set it so that ipv4 have higher priority in both windows 7 and linux. So I'm wondering if there are anything like /etc/gai.conf under android or if there are any other solution to this?

I'm running Paranoid android (based on cm10) on HTC One X.



Sep 5, 2011
@Jayus, did you manage to solve this? I too have a usecase for this: an app tries to contact a server and this server _does_ have an AAAA record but is not yet reachable via IPv6. Thus, contacting the server via IPv6 fails, making the app to fail. I'd like to prefer IPv4 for _certain_ addresses.

Setting net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=1 helps, but this disables IPv6 system wide and I don't want this.