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Feb 5, 2012
Are there any ROMs or Apps designed for use with a phone for kids in the 10-14yo range? I would like for my child to have a phone for emergencies and i was going to pass down my old one, but i can't really find much to lock it down with. All i have really been able to find are "sandbox" apps such as kids mode, kids place, or the like that allow specific apps, but disable all cell/wifi features. These are more designed for letting your toddler play with your personal phone, which isn't what i'm looking for. What i am looking for is to still be able to have cell/wifi, but include: Approved/unlocked apps. Disable the dialer and restrict outbound calls to a predefined, non-editable list. Limited or no marketplace access. Lockout on settings.

There are a lot of tablets that i have seen designed with kids in mind that do this kind of stuff and I've seen similar phones like Kajeet or Firefly, but that would require the purchase of a phone, which i already have and a separate plan. There's stuff like cheap flip phones, but that would still need to be acquired and I figure with all the fun stuff Androids can do they will make sure they carry it around with them.

there was once an app call kytephone.com that did exactly this, but they where only around for like 6 months and then shut down. while the app can still be found in some places and side loaded, its no longer on play store, but it required internet access and a login to launch. since they are shut down, you can't create accounts or login anymore so even a side loaded version is useless.

If it could be done with separate apps to lock down stuff, that would be good too. I know the play store has content filtering and PIN for purchases, there also seem to be plenty of child friendly browsers out there for web filtering, and i could use app lock to lock out settings, but the difficulty i found was with the contact list and dialer.

I would prefer to stay with the stock ROM to keep T-Mobiles wifi calling, but if there's a custom ROM for this, that would work also.

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?



Sep 3, 2010
Howdy. I realize that this is almost 10 years old but - did you find anything? (fingers crossed).