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May 5, 2014
Well im kinda new to the rooting thing but I believe my phone was only soft rooted. I was trying to install twrp but I got a dead android with a explanation mark or it would go to a black screen after the lg logo.i didn't know I was soft rooted when I was trying this. so after awhile I gave up. my phone still booted normally without trying to go into recovery. recently an update for android came out ( kitkat 4.4.2) so I decided to see if it would work. it restarted the phone to install the update and it got stuck in fastboot mode. I read somewhere you can install twrp from fastboot, so I tried to fix it and now it gets stuck on a black screen after the lg logo. Ive been searching for a solution for over a week and any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a Verizon lg g2 vs980 with the stock rom if that helps...

Oh and when I plug my phone in to my pc while the black screen is on drive letters F though T pop up and the F drive has an image folder in it with random files
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Rekab Sirhc

Dec 9, 2014
Similar issue... no LG logo at all

I was successful in rooting then attempted to install TWRP. The phone turned off then turned on with the "android open stomach and !" icon... it shut off a few mins later.

Now, all I get is the buzz when you power it on and a black screen. Im not able to enter the recovery mode using any combination of buttons. I cant even see the LG logo!

LG Mobile Support Tool nor my computer will even recognize the device. Am I truly bricked beyond repair?