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[Q] LG GT540 - Best ROM?

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New member
Mar 7, 2011
I just got an LG GT540 for traveling abroad (I use a Droid X on Verizon for most of the year). It was a good deal, but it came with Android 2.1 and I want to be able to use apps off the SD card.

When I started searching around for ROM's, I found a plethera of SwiftDroid developer forums and was about to install v1.4b when I found out that most people were expecting v1.5 to come out today, and it did (v1.5FM). Most people seem to like what they're seeing but they keep referencing FastBoot which I do not have. I'm fairly technical (rooted my Droid X, used Clockwork Recovery to install Liberty v1.5 ROM on that, etc) but I need a basic user guide for using FastBoot --that is if I decide to use this SwiftDroid v1.5FM rom that I am 20 seconds away from being done downloading... HOWEVER, there is one guy who posted that the camera button (physical hard button on the side of the phone) is not letting him take a photo, meaning he has to hit the soft button on the screen, which I would find extremely annoying. I'm also worried that the google apps aren't included (but can't ask the people in the dev forum cuz I'm a newbie). I want to be able to use the Market, Gmail, etc, right afterwards. My Liberty ROM wasn't missing anything on my Droid X aside from the BLUR and Verizon-specific stuff that I didn't like/caused lag anyway (yay, no more task killer processes required to kill other task processes haha).

Anyone else know if the camera button issue on the SwiftDroid 1.5FM rom is a widespread issue or just that one guy's issue? Do you know if I'm going to need to install the Google Apps myself? Know where to get FastBoot and a basic guide for using it? Other comments? Perhaps I'm missing out on a much better ROM opportunity I should research?