[Q] "Low Battery!"-Bricked S2

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Aug 3, 2012
an interesting problem
i guess there is no solution to this problem (except a board replacement) as i read in a few posts that a phone has to be charged at least 50% before updating or else it will get screwed
and d guy must have ignored this n carried on or d phone must have been unplugged during update
sorry dude u need a new motherboard


Jun 2, 2023
Op where did you get to with this? I'm having the same issue. It got stuck in a boot loop, so I left it for a few hours to sort itself out, now it's saying batter to low to enter download mode even though the battery has been filled elsewhere and it showing a full 3.8v with the multimeter

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    @ Teemuzz

    You shouldn't ignore checking the usb port as some users had weird issues caused by dirt causing faulty contact. I didn't face it myself but some friends of mine did !