[Q] micro sdxc 64gb Card to SGS2?

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Sep 14, 2010
From what I'm understanding in the link below, the hardware in our handset won't be the problem with accepting an SDXC card... but we'll be waiting on Android to recognize such a card. :(


Sir you are correct, thats indeed the current problem. Although it is not a very big problems, since linux doesnt see the difference, thus accepting sdxc cards;) This could be fixed with a software update. Lets hope Samsung is watching us here;)


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Jan 5, 2008
Not that difficult IMHO.... Because hardware requirement for both types of cards are the same.... So only the cost factor & availability of high capacity storage are minimal. Hence they are not used commonly....
Otherwise imagine sgs2 utilizing 2TB of storage from sdxc ????? WOW !!!!!!
That would be sexy..... Devs are you listening ????
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me fail me

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Jun 26, 2011
Any news with 64gb on sgs2? I know this is dead topic since a while, but there's 2.3.4 leaked already, anyone checked is it works now / discover how to make 64gig fully working?


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Dec 31, 2004
Duluth, GA
Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any microSDXC cards on the market at the moment -- even full-size SDXC cards are a bit hard to come by.


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Mar 27, 2010
Just HOW MUCH storage do you folks need :eek::D

I'll get a 32GB SD card after ive purchased some other accessories first and that for me will be more than enough.

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    Well, I just got the SanDisk 64GB microSDXC. As I predicted, the SGS2 couldn't read the exFAT filesystem the card is formatted with. However, the SGS2 did format it as FAT32, and seems to accept it as a valid device.

    I'm now copying my old 32GB card to the new 64GB, using standard USB microSDHC card readers on a Windows box. But before I did that, I ran SDTools on the microSDXC. Read speed 18 MB/s, write speed 6.6 MB/s; see the attached snapshot. Those numbers suggest to me that the device is the bottleneck, not the card.

    So, aside from the lack of exFAT support, it looks like microSDXC will work.
    Good news!

    I sent an email a week ago to Kingmax - the TW electronics maker that was the first to announce its upcoming 64gb micro sd. That was way back in May so I was hoping they might give me an update. Here's what they said:

    - The 64gb microsd will be available as of Sep 1
    - Already been tested with Samsung series tablet pc & Galaxy S2 and all passed
    - Currently testing with HTC smartphones now
    - In terms of how to make it work, I copy and paste from the email: "just small reminder for Galaxy S2 as it still comes with SD2.0 spec., so it's not support for SD3.0 yet, so you need to format before using our Micro SDXC64G. But functions and capacity are no impact at all."

    Seems to confirm that it will require only a minor software tweak that is apparently, already in existence. Very exciting!
    Hi everybody

    The news are great!!!!

    64MB Working cards

    Class 6 are cheaper than class 10.

    Does anybody knows if are both cards compatible with S2?


    This is old news....the 64 GB cards are almost a year old and not only for the s2/s3

    They also work in just about any android smartphone as long as your format them properly.

    I have personally tested the s2, evo3d, og droid, nexus 1, mytouch 4g, xperia play, galaxy tab 7.7

    With that spread of devices I would say it works in just about any android phone.

    Further I expect a 128 GB sdxc card to be released within the next year as well...since the 64 GB Sdxc works for android there should be no reason the other sizes of sdxc cards will work either.

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    I reckon by next year you'll be able to use a 96GB Micro SD card in smart phones, i still have only 8GB and am happy enough with that but ill probably get a 32GB card at some stage.

    Actually it is most likely to be 128 GB next year. It should double year after year if not quicker. Look up SDXC it goes to 2 TBs. If this only requires us to reformat the SD card this is going to be a lot of fun :)

    I use several streaming services for movies and music. With this u can tell em to shove it and keep everything on the card. Who cares about the cloud when u have it with u everywhere without it

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    Does ur phone see 64 GBS AND WILL IT LET U ACCESD THAT SPACE ?
    Yes and Yes. The phone says the SD card contains 59.46 GB, all of which appears to be accessible. I bought the card directly from SanDisk, so I'm pretty sure it's not a fake.