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[Q] MiniX Plus H24 Audio Sync Error

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Feb 23, 2009
Hi All,

Not posted in a while due to moving away from Android after bad experiences.. however I'm back with a new smart tv thingy :good::fingers-crossed:

I purchased a MiniX Plus H24 TV Box for about £35.. arrived, plugged it in and all seemed to be working well.

However, I noticed the audio is slightly out of sync over HDMI and S-Video.. my guess would be this is something firmware related? I've tried different players.. confirmed the audio is in sync when playing on my laptop but for some reason it's out on the Android TV.

I'm a complete noob when it comes to Android Development if I'm completely honest.. wouldn't even know where to begin to look, even if this is firmware related.

I have a copy of the recovery firmware here https://hotfile.com/dl/198642035/88a35b2/h24_v1.6_0202.img.zip.html

Video is being streamed via Wifi from NAS, so I first suspected a bandwidth issue. However it's out of sync on SD video files and will play 720p without buffering the video (however audio is still out of sync) so to me that doesn't suggest a bandwidth issue as I'd expect it to just stutter on the 720p content :confused:

Any suggestions are welcomed..

Thanks in advance