[Q] Need for speed hot pursuit game save

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Jan 16, 2011
Anyone who has a working game save? I just lost mine because my phone froze while I was playing with NFS hot pursuit, I had to pull out the battery then voila! Back to zero on game progress. I had a level 10 cop & level 13 racer, any game save close to my previous progress will be greatly appreciated.


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Feb 7, 2009
:upthis: ...

and anyone knows in which directory are the save game files? I search on uncle google and nothing :confused:

I installed the application, copied to the folder com.eamobile.nfshp_na_wf android \ data \ and runs to me without my saved game. I remove app delete folder and install from titanium backup and copy again folder to android \ data \ and the same. Always run from begin.
I have finished cop game and 13 level in racer mode. Please help somone :D
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